Thursday, 22 March 2018

2.2 - Changes

  Max spends a lot of time working out. He would at work too, but others like to hog the workout equipment, so he's stuck with the radio at home.

  It doesn't take long for the twins birthday to arrive, for which Stella is happy. It's not that she doesn't like kids, she just doesn't like babies.

  Max wanders over for cake.



  Belle pureed their birthday cake for them to eat. Rem loved it.

  Kenzo just liked making a mess.

  Jasper picked fights with Max all the time. For some reason he hated him. This time the argument was about how Max couldn't afford to take care of his own children if it wasn't for the Riddle's already having money.
  This time though, Jasper took it much too far.

  Stella was trying to play with Kenzo when Jasper lied and told her that Max was cheating on her. In a fury, she stormed outside to confront him.
  "Whatever Jasper said to you, I promise wasn't true, Stel."
  "Why would my brother lie? He has no reason to."
  "Please believe me. I would never do that to you. We've been together since high school, I love you."
  Stella walked back inside. She was getting a headache and did not want to deal with this right now. She decided to talk to her parents about it first.

  Jasper had some other plans though.

  He'd recently come into some pretty neat powers. And he would readily admit that he was not a nice person.

  The crash pulled everyone outside to see what happened.

  Stella didn't suspect Jasper in the least. She was too shocked that Max was hit by the meteor.

  She tried to pass time by teaching the boys to talk. But remaining in the house was too hard.

  So, everyone packed up.

  And Stella had a new house built for them. Belle and Tom were a little upset to be leaving their home, but they wanted to support Stella in anyway they could.

A/N: Well. Jasper did argue with Max anytime they were in the same room. I'm not sure why. And MAx had to go based on the roll. And I am never letting a meteor land on my lot again. I had to replace pretty much everything. That was a pain.

Thursday, 15 March 2018

2.1 - Babies

  It's after one of Max's more grueling shifts when he pulls Stella out to the backyard. She allows him to pull her outside, enjoying the last bits of warmth.
  "I didn't want to make a fuss or anything, and we'll still need to stop by City Hall. But I wanted to get married to you before winter."

  So they exchange rings and kiss, and jump into Stella's car to head down to City Hall.

  Max doesn't mind when he gets stuck with maintenance the next day at work as he's still just too happy about his recent marriage to Stella. He decided to drop his own last name and take hers. Riddle.

  Stella has a craving for apple pancakes.

  Graduation Day.

  Everyone crowds the door, so Stella stays back. Though she knows that when she walks up, most people will move. People seem to get out of the way (for the most part) of pregnant women's path.

  After the ceremony, Belle introduces herself to Polly's husband, Gary. She confesses that she's a little upset they didn't have a wedding. And she's upset that they didn't tell her about her grandchild.

  Despite Belle being upset, they all still end up at the bistro for a celebration lunch.

  Tom just wanted to remind Belle of how much he loved her.

  Fall, the time of burning leaves. Max took delight in it, imagining some of his co-workers that he didn't like being trapped in the leaf pile.

  And of course they made the trip down to the festival, though they didn't stay very long. As something much more important decided to happen.

  Rem was born first, and dressed in blue. And Kenzo was the younger in red.

  Stella celebrated their birth by making them a painting for their room.

  And Belle had her birthday. In the bathroom. Where no one would see her gain so many wrinkles.

  She crept out of the bathroom and hid in her room.

  And called into work to retire. She wanted to spend time with her grandchildren.

A/N: This baby can be born anytime now. I'm tired of being pregnant. ><

Thursday, 1 March 2018

2.0 - A New Generation

  Stella got rid of all the furniture that was in the room she shared with Polly. Now though, she had room. She had air to breath without an annoying twin sister to bug her every five minutes.
  Though now she had a boyfriend who would probably do that.

  Someone left the fire burning in the fireplace. Thankfully Jasper was there to put it out.

  Max figured he should start getting ready for his new job. He had, upon graduating, gotten a job at the fire station.

  "I want a lot of kids," Max told her.
  "Then we better get started."

  Stella kept her easel in her room for now, since her parents and brother were still living there. She wanted to have some quiet from all the hustle and bustle of home.

  Max left for his first day on the job.

  Though the place could really use some upgrading, Max was never so proud to be doing something with his life.

  It was a random night that Tom and Belle got married. Spur of the moment when they invited friends and family over for a party.

  They invited Andrew Song, Belle's boss, and his wife Jewel.

  And of course, Pollyanna, who showed up very late. She wouldn't tell her parents why she was late, but confided to Stella that she was pregnant and spent the entire day in her bathroom throwing up.

  Speaking of being pregnant. Mittens gave birth to two kittens, Starburst and Skittles.

  Stella wasn't feeling well so she spent some time just relaxing.

  And of course, did some painting. Though she didn't really have to worry too much about selling her paintings as the family had plenty of money.

  Just before leaving work, Max made sure to introduce himself to everyone who showed up for the afternoon shift.

A/N: I've been on vacation for the past couple weeks, sadly I go back to work on Saturday, and spent pretty much the entire time curled up in bed because of a cold.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

1.8 - Happy Ending

  Out of everything she could have made, Stella made a laundry hamper. The teasing she got from Polly lasted days.

  Polly got to go out in the car on her own for the first time ever. A boy asked her out on a date, and since Gary had graduated high school, Polly agreed.

  Aldous Vanderburg-Shawkti looked straight up in the air to see the rain. And refused to move inside for the duration of their date. He told her all about his job as a waiter, and that he was a virgo (compatible with her own sign). Polly yawned her way through talking to him until it was polite of her to ditch him.

  Jasper set up pranks all throughout the house. Tom found them funny. Belle did not. Jasper ended up grounded for a few days.

  Max came over to visit. While Polly was playing her guitar, he asked Stella to dance. Polly thought it was adorable.

  And funny. Max kept stepping on Stella's feet. She forgave him every time though.

  Having been caught in Jasper's pranks a few times, Polly decided that she wanted in on the fun. Plus, she'd overheard her sister talking about getting another tan on the phone to Max.

  Stella was not impressed with being orange. "I look stupid," she complained. Thankfully, she was able to hide inside until the orange tint went away.

  Jasper was determined to master chess. Just once he'd like to beat Belle in a match.

  Polly got a golden record for being the best in her music club.

  "You know I love you, right?"
  "Of course I do."

  "I probably should have done this years ago. But, Belle, will you marry me?"

  Polly knows exactly what to wish for this time.

  And so does Stella.

A/N: And there it is. The end of generation one. Tune in next time for generation two.