Monday, 18 December 2017

1.0- The Beginning

  "What do you think of our new house?"
  "It's perfect."
  "One day I'll sell enough books to build us our dream house."
  "Tom, as long as we're together, I don't really care where we live."

   Being an author was what Thomas Riddle had dreamed of his whole life, he was now finally getting a chance to start on that dream. He had snuck away from his parents house in the middle of the night to run away with Belle, and not once had he regretted that decision.

  Belle Clark on the other hand, she decided to go about chasing her dream the hard way. While she could have gone to university, her parents would have paid for both her and her brother Brendan to do whatever they wished with their lives, she chose to make her own path. So after visiting the local hospital and being told she worked at 9am the next morning, Belle curled up on the sofa at home with a logic book to get ahead of anyone else who had dreams of being a doctor.

  For Tom, once he had his manuscript written, all he had to do was visit City Hall, and he was then listed as an author in their system and expected to earn certain amounts per book he wrote.

  Belle, knowing that Tom was most definitely not a cook, decided to make dinner for the both of them. It only took her a few minutes.
  "Tom, save your document and come eat!"

  "Um. This is great, Belle, is the lettuce suppose to be so... soggy?"
  Belle gave him a look. "Eat your salad and shut up."

  To combat his boredom of being home alone all day, Tom got this beautiful bird named Storm. He took great joy in teaching her to speak.
  "Say 'Hello!'"

  At nights, despite both being tired, there was always some fun to be had, though they did try very hard to be safe, neither wanting children for some time yet.

  Tom's first book! A sci-fi book called 'The Twin Dreamers'. Tom left it on the coffee table for his favourite fan. Belle.

  Who of course had spent her entire friendship with Tom reading all his attempts at writing. This book, while not the greatest, had potential.

  Belle wonders if Tom was right about the lettuce. She should have gone to the grocery store for  fresh ingredients instead.

  Trying to be helpful, and since Belle had told him that they needed to talk, Tom decided to make dinner. It was suppose to be mac and cheese. It ended up being ash.

  "I'm pregnant."

  Not wishing to go on maternity leave when she could still push her career forward, Belle spent many nights outside looking at the stars, hoping to find new ones.

  She got another opportunity to gain some more job experience when her boss told her to find a man named Nicholas Riverhawk and convince him that logic was a great thing. She later found out that he was just using the whole science is useless to avoid getting his flu shot.

  On a rare day off, both Belle and Tom found themselves at the Summer Festival. Tom had great fun skating while Belle found lots of flowers.

  Before going home, they took a photo together to remember that day.

  Good thing too, because the next morning, they had rearrange their plans. Despite freaking out, Tom managed to call them a cab.


  And their surprise, Stellaluna.

  Of course, the baby stage never lasts long, and it only took a short while of constant feeding, dirty diapers and naps before Belle wasn't sure if she wanted her babies to grow up.

  Pollyanna went first.

  Then Stellaluna.

A/N: I was not intending them to have babies so soon. I forgot I had replaced woohoo with risky woohoo. xP I meant to turn it off when I had switched my plan for the family.


  1. A couple is always nice for the first generation. They seem to be doing great so far in getting their start. Babies so soon, and twins, too! Good luck! But what a tease ending before showing their toddler pictures. :P

    1. I like getting couple for the first generation, though sometimes I think it makes it too easy to start. Babies weren't meant to be so soon, lol, or to be twins. You'll get to see them as toddlers before the next chapter.

  2. *Shakes fist* Risky WOOHOO! (misplaces anger) It never gives me accidents when I want them! lol

    First days are so drama free, aren't they? ;3 I love how she reads all of his books, it's really sweet! (Tom Riddle you say?)

    1. It usually never gives me accidents either!

      He's almost to the point of being able to write himself into books. xD Can you tell what I was reading when I started playing?

  3. Wow, so much happened in this chapter! Great start

  4. Tom Riddle? He seems much nicer than his namesake so far, let's hope it stays that way :D

    The twins look so cute in their matching dresses! Looking forward to seeing them as toddlers :)

    1. well, his middle name is not Marvolo. So there's some hope for him there.

      Thank you.

  5. I think I'm in love with the name Stellaluna. <3 It's nice seeing a family so carefree. And it's really cool how Belle reads all Tom's books. I'm just going to ignore the similarities in name between him and a certain other character, because I'm really hoping he'll have a better life...XD

    1. Stellaluna was one of my favourites when I was a child, and I'm planning on buying the book for my own child soon.
      Belle is way too sweet for her own good.

  6. Stellaluna! <3 That was my favorite book when I was a kid. I'm looking forward to seeing her as a toddler! :D

    1. One of mine as well! She's adorable as a toddler. You'll see soon. I'm making a Christmas card in the next couple days to post.