Sunday, 24 December 2017

1.1 -Toddlers

  Pollyanna, left, and Stellaluna, right. Both eagerly awaiting their slices of birthday cake. That their father forgot to give them.

  Their favourite way to spend time, babbling over blocks. Belle isn't quite sure what they're talking about, but it sounds rather serious.
  What they're really discussing, how much Pollyanna loves the red blocks the most.

  In an effort to know what they're saying, Belle starts to teach them to talk. Pollyanna volunteers herself when she sits down after losing her blue block under the table.
  "Anna, can you say 'mama'?"

  Seeing that her sister was now occupied, Stellaluna found a book to 'read' instead of playing. She mostly just looked at the pictures and giggled.

  Belle tried to give them each equal attention. But with one baby who loved attention, and one who didn't. It was rather hard. Here, Stella would rather be reading her books than snuggling with mom.

  When it was Stella's turn to learn something new, Polly gravitated to the xylophone. She loved making noise and trying to sing along. It was music to her. Not so much her daddy who was trying to concentrate on writing.

  Stella picked up walking very quickly, and learned in almost no time at all. Belle was a proud parent when her daughter learned quickly. Though it made her talking progress seem slower than what she thought it should be.

  Despite having two toddlers at home that demanded much of her attention, Belle did still have a job to do, and while it wasn't normally the job of a paramedic to do vaccination clinics, she didn't realize at the time that the hospital was gearing up to give her a promotion.

  Unfortunately, when it was Polly's turn to learn to walk, it was pouring rain outside. So the kitchen would have to do as a learning spot.

  While Tom spent most of his time on his computer writing, occasionally, he would venture out and play with the girls, if only so that Belle wouldn't nag him about it.

  He was currently in the middle of writing a fantasy novel called 'Flame in Time'. It was a bit of a mess and he couldn't waste too much time playing with the girls when he had deadlines to meet. They'd be fine playing in the other room while he wrote.

  Belle always rushed home after work, she knew she had half an hour to get home, feed the girls and get them to bed before they got cranky.

  After hitting a slight snag in writing, Tom did a rare thing and helped finish teaching Stella to walk.

  He also cooked dinner. The face that he burnt it was not of importance.

  On Spooky Day, Belle insisted that they take the girls to the festival. So packing them both up, they headed out.
  "Are you sure you don't want to taxi? It looks like it's going to rain, Belle!"
  "Walk faster than. The girls never get to go anywhere in their strollers."

  Sure enough, once they got their pictures done it began to rain. So instead of staying, they headed back home. In a taxi.


  1. Love the twin's hairstyles, they're too cute!
    And it seems like there's something of a chaotic rhythm in this family, so that's gotta be a fun handful. I love the writing career but those sims never get away from their desks. :P

    1. It's just chaotic. And it gets worse. lol I don't play with any free will on, so I sometimes get overwhelmed when micromanaging them.

  2. Love the twins! They're adorable. <3 They're identical, right? It's so cool you got identical twins.
    It's a bit sad that Tom doesn't really spend a lot of time with the girls, but I guess that's the fate of writer sims. At least he tried being helpful, even if his cooking was a fail. XD

    1. Yes, they are identical. I love it, I rarely get identical twins in my game.
      It's toss. Does he want good relationships, or money to be able to buy things? xD

  3. Aww those two are adorable, I love how independent Stella already is. Strong personalities already :)

    1. Thank you. I try to make their personalities show through rather early.