Thursday, 4 January 2018

1.3 - Children!

  Pollyanna on the left, and Stellaluna on the right. Belle loved dressing them up the same. Though, to tell them apart, she did colour code them. Polly always wore blue, and Stella always wore pink. Neither girl was impressed with the colours, but they went along with it. They found it funny when people couldn't tell them apart.

  Bemoaning the fact that their birthday was on a Sunday and they had school. Both girls were up bright and early with some pancakes that Belle got up and made them.

  School was uninteresting according to Stella. She wasn't allowed to read books all day. Or during recess. Polly loved school. She loved meeting new people. She already had three new friends.

   Despite the rain, Polly still talked Stella into playing a game of tag for a couple hours. Stella enjoyed playing the childish game with her sister. At school it had felt like Polly had just abandoned her.

  After being scolded for playing in the rain, Stella played with Jasper while Polly served her time out for being the one to suggest they play in the rain.

Upon release, they resumed playing, just inside. Jasper joined them. Though he just left teeth marks in their blocked.

  While the kids were playing, Tom and Belle sat down to eat real quick.
  "So I was thinking?"
  Belle didn't comment.
  "We need a bigger house."

  Belle needed to go to work, and Tom went to his computer shed to look for a new place to live. Stella got a sandwich for dinner.

  And for dessert she made herself a cookie.

  It wasn't long until winter was upon them. Stella loved the quiet of falling snow. She spent a lot of time outside making snow angels.

  They built their first snowman together.

  Not sure why they made him a hockey player though.

  However, it was the floodgate to making a ton of snowmen in the yard. Their own personal army.

  Jasper came outside with them once. He tried to eat the snow.

  Belle made a day of them going to the winter festival. Where she attempted to teach the girls to skate. They weren't very interested in it.

  Tom got to try snowboarding.

  And Polly of course wanted to try too. She loved it.

  Stella also wanted to try. She wanted to do more tricks than Polly.

  When it started getting dark, they were all shepherded home where Belle made chili for dinner.

  After his bottle, Jasper went back to reading, happy to be back inside. There wasn't much for a toddler to do at the festival.

A/N: I think I like doing this more than a story. Just taking random screenshots and linking them together rather than actually making a plot.
Anyway, generation isn't very long. There's only a few more chapters before generation two begins. I'm already partway through it in game too. I've just enjoyed just playing sims lately.


  1. I find it easier just to take random pictures sometimes. That's why my plot isn't always easy to follow lol.

    Love the twins outfits lol

    1. I love doing stories, and having a plot, must be the writer in me, but lately I find myself with just too much to do to actually sit down and plan what I need to do and stage scenes. And that isn't likely to change at all. It'll probably be harder in the future for me to do actual stories.

      I loved dressing them up to look alike, though I doubt I would ever do that IRL to twins. xD

  2. Tbh I like reading stories whether they are plot heavy or not. I think the way you've been writing it is simple but relaxing, and I'm enjoying it.

    The twins really do look alike. Are they identical?