Monday, 1 January 2018

1.2 - Life Continues. With an Addition

  Belle spends most of her free time outside. She's currently trying to find enough stars for all her family members. So far she's found one, which she named Thomas.

    Storm is a great stress reliever for Tom. He finds it more fun to teach her to talk than his toddlers. Since Storm actually repeats the words back at him.

  However, he can only go so long without attempting to teach words to one of the twins.

    Stella loves to read. She's a very quiet child, and prefers to be on her own than being coddled by either of her parents.

  "Am I getting fat, Storm?"
  "Tom is fat. Tom is fat."
  "Gee thanks."
  Tom wanders away thinking that maybe he should get a gym membership.

    "No walk. No walk."
  Stella hides in her toybox to avoid going on a walk. Belle ends up just taking Pollyanna out while Tom stays home with Stellaluna.

  "Uh, Belle, I think there's something wrong with me."
  "What do you mean?"
  "Like there's an alien inside that's trying to escape."
  With a roll of her eyes, Belle walked away. "Stop watching so many horror movies.

  Or maybe he was telling the truth.

  Meet Jasper. Tom's little parasite.

  Belle comes home from work, her first day as a resident. How nice it is to no longer be an intern. She hears a strange noise coming from the nursery. Both Polly and Stella are still playing in the living room, and she can hear Tom typing away in their room. So she goes to investigate.

  "Hello little guy."
  Pollyanna follows Belle in the room with her bottle. "Baby!" she says, pointing at Jasper.

  "Uh, Tom. That baby?"
  "I did try to tell you..."

  "Let me give you a massage. This has been a weird day."
  "You're telling me! I came home to find an alien sleeping in my daughter's bed!"
  "Well, we did want more children. It was just medical that we couldn't. Jasper will be your son just as much as he is mine."

  The next morning brought a sad surprise. Tom took a moment to cry when no one was around before he cleaned up the cage, buried the bird, and sold the cage.

  In order to have enough room for Jasper in their small house, Tom moved his computer to the shed and put a crib in their room for Jasper so the girls could have their room back.

  Tom stares at his computer. Wondering what he should write next. He's always been partial to fantasy. Witches, elves, and magic. The best kind of stories!

  Belle gives Stella a snuggle while she's still a bit sleepy, it's the last time she'll have a chance to do so.

  Pollyanna is too awake for snuggles, so tickle monster comes out to play.

  Pollyanna goes first.

 Then Stellaluna.

A/N: Happy New Year! I wanted to start the new year off with a chapter. Here it is! I need to organize my photos, but I have enough for a few chapters. I've been playing so much that I've already chosen my heir, and they're half way through the teen stage!


  1. Whoa, they're both pretty chill about this alien baby thing, haha.

    Nooo, Storm. ;.;

    1. I think it's more like "oh well. Can't change things now, may as well go along with it." xD

      I thought birds lived longer than just a couple of sim weeks. They fed her and kept the cage clean.

  2. Oooh aliens xD Gotta love them.

    Awww that was so sad, I hate it when animals die :(

    Can't wait to see the twins grow up xD

    1. I like aliens. They have good story potential too.

      Me too. And yet here I am. With more animals. xP

      For a sneak peek, you can look at my Christmas card. xD

  3. I love that they accepted Jasper so quickly.

    Storm. ;_; She was a beautiful bird.

    Oooh, I'm definitely peeking at the Christmas card again to see the twins. xD

    1. They do live in Hidden Springs, so green skin won't bug them too much, nor will it bother the other residents.

      I love the birds, but I hate their life span.

  4. Ooh, alien baby. Haven't seen many of those. <3 I'm looking forward to seeing how he grows up. I love how the girls are still toddlers, but they already have distinct personalities.

    I had no idea birds only lived a couple of simweeks! That sucks. And Tom got along with Storm so well. :(