Saturday, 13 January 2018

1.4 - Snowflake Day

  It's the dead of winter when the Riddles move to their new house. Tom arrived earlier than the rest to try to make it look nice. Like having holiday lights up.

  Unfortunately, he didn't realize that aliens were watching him and thought this would be a good time to pick him up. Again.

  Belle was invited to a party at her boss' house, Andrew Song. She was there long enough to meet his wife, Jewel Song, before there was an emergency at the hospital that she had to get to.

  Stella tried to tire Jasper out by playing with him. But it took a while before he was willing to sleep in his new room alone.

  When she got home from work, Belle realized that it was her birthday. She was now officially an adult. How did that happen? Where did the time go?

  Tom reminded her of how much he loved her by bring her to bed. Neither got much sleep that night.

  "I don't understand fractions, Stella."
  "Just guess. I don't either. But this is the last of homework until after the holiday. If it's not done, mom won't let us have any fun!"

  Snowflake day! No presents until everyone has eaten something!
  Both had cake. That counts as breakfast, right?

  While waiting, Belle challenged herself to a game of chess.

  Until Tom pulled her to the couch to enjoy the day.
  "No working on raising skills, today is just about enjoying being with each other."

  Presents! Polly got a new teddy bear.

  Stelle got a flamingo.

   Tom got a painting.

  Belle got a new chess set.

  Polly's other gift was a guitar, and the dollhouse was for both girls.

  Stella got a easel.

  And Belle's gift was being called into work.

  Jasper's favourite word lately had been kitty. So the family adopted two kittens. This one here is Mittens. The other one was named Stripes. He hid from the camera.

A/N: I don't know why I decided more pets was a good idea. I always cry when they die. Hormones are not my friends.


  1. Oh no, not more aliens. xD

    This is why I modded them out of my game immediately.

    1. I think I need that mod! lol The aliens like Tom just a little too much,\.

  2. Oooh the girls room is so pretty. Uh oh what are the aliens up to?

    1. In my mind, they just found the perfect human to breed with. lol Poor Tom.

  3. Is Tom gaining weight again? Poor guy. :D

    The girls are lovely and their personalities are so different from each other.

    1. He is, the poor thing. They love him just a little too much. lol

  4. So now Tom and Belle are both expecting?

    Cute how he told her they weren't going to skill, it's a Holiday. XD And I love that everyone got different presents! Usually for me everyone gets an easel and we wind up with four of them or whatever.

    1. No, just Tom. lol I'm already way past how many children I'm allowed this generation!

      I was surprised by the different presents, though Belle did end up with two chess tables.

  5. Wait, Tom got knocked up again?! D: They really do love him. The house looks great by the way!

    Happy birthday to Belle! That looked like a fun party, until getting called in to work. >.<