Wednesday, 17 January 2018

1.5 - Growing on Up

  Tom felt familiar pains when he was washing his hand. Moments later, this little girl was born. There was no way he wanted to go through babyhood and toddlerhood again. For some reason the aliens thought he was a great person to breed with.

  Placing the baby down resulted in her disappearing. Maybe they knew his feelings on the matter already? Either way, Tom was glad she was gone.

  Stella got a headstart on learning to paint, since she read all those books as a toddler, she started at a higher skill.

  Same with Polly, she played so much as a toddler that she had a better understanding of music, and started off with a better skill. Stella still kicked her out of the room to play though.

  Stella's first painting.

  Jasper grew up behind everyone's back. Rather, he picked when everyone was busy or at work to grow up.
  To get back at everyone for it, he destroyed some of the twin's snowmen.

  And then spent the night before bed staring at the stars. Wondering where he came from. He knew he was different.

  Tom got a great idea for a book series. About a boy who discovered he was a wizard and went to a magical school to learn all about magic.

  Too soon it was the girl's birthday. Just one more day and it was springtime. It was the perfect time for a party. Just family though.
  First Pollyanna. Who had no idea what to wish for.

  And then Stellaluna. Who knew exactly what she wanted to wish for.

  Stella on the left and Polly on the right. Both girls figured that now would be a good time to stop dressing alike and start being their own person. Which did disappoint Belle a little, she found it funny when people couldn't tell her girls apart. However, she did realize that they had reached the point in their lives where they had to make their own decisions.

  Belle made her favourite dish for dinner. Ratatouille.

  Along with the cats, the family gained this gnome as well. Belle named him Willie.

  Finally, the family invested in an old van. Perfect for learning teenagers.

A/N: These kids need to stop growing. Seriously. :(


  1. The girls are so cute! They're growing up nicely I think.

    And Tom just went for it and wrote the book, huh? Let us know if it sells or if it flops! lol

    1. It sold! Actually, at this point, he's wrote all of them, and they all sold, with a couple hits thrown in there for good measure. lol

  2. For some reason I found Tom giving up his alien daughter rather sad. I hope the aliens got the no more babies message, though.

    I got some advice for Tom about his book: give the main character a weirdly shaped scar right on his forehead.

    Stella and Polly actually look different now with their makeovers.