Friday, 19 January 2018

1.6 - The Life of a Teenager

  On Love Day, Jasper spent the day at the festival picking up eggs, looking for the special festival one. He found it just before dusk.

  Belle and Tom tried out the love machine, and hit second from the top. Belle thought it was awesome. Tom thought it was cheesy, but pretended to be happy. He didn't need a silly machine to tell him that he loved his girlfriend.

  Stella pretended to be absorbed in her painting while listening to Polly talk on the phone to her crush, Gary Chesterfield. Polly kept stuttering over her words, and ended up being too embarrassed to even ask him out.

  Jasper decided he wants to be a chef when he grows up! Plus, if he knew how to make his own food, he'd be able to make everything vegetarian!

  Prom night! Stella didn't have a date for this first dance, not that she minded. She was only going because Polly made her.

  Polly kept cursing herself for not having the courage to ask Gary out for the night. Too late now. Once at the dance, it became apparent that Gary already had a date anyway.
  The night got worse for Polly when Stella was named Prom Queen!

  The next day was a Saturday, so Stella stayed in to paint all day long. She couldn't get enough of it. She was planning on covering their walls with her artwork. She just had to get better.

  In order to give Stella some breathing space. And to not have paint thrown at her head, Polly practiced her guitar in their parents room. She was getting quite good.

  Hot dogs! Polly's specialty.

  Belle isn't sure why she thought it would be a good idea to teach her twins to drive, but at least Stella read the handbook before getting in the car! Polly was winging it.

  "Are you feeling sick or something, or are mom's meatballs just not good enough for you anymore?"
  "I don't eat meat."

  "Daddy, I have a huge crush on this boy. We danced at prom and he's sent me a few texts, but I don't know what to do!"
  Tom cursed having a close relationship with Stella. "Uh. I'm not sure I can help you all that much, princess, boys aren't really my thing... Go ask your mother, if she manages to get home from the hospital today."

  In frustration, Stella takes all her anger out on a huge block of clay. Polly tries to play some soothing music, but it doesn't help.

  "Jasper, ice cream is not breakfast."

  "Thanks, but we cancelled our newspaper delivery. We don't read the paper."
  "Oh, sorry."

  Tom's latest book. Belle likes it.

  Taking a break between books, Tom plays some FIFA. He's  gotten really good at the game.

  Gary stops by to visit with Polly. He's babysitting Emmeline Vanderburg-O'Dourke, and thought to take her out on a walk, her house was on the same street, so why not.

  Shortly after Gary left, Stella had invited Maximillian Abbot over. They hit it off immediately.

  And decided to start dating too.

A/N: Not too much longer until the second generation! I can't wait.


  1. It seems that despite her personality, Stella is quite popular, I wasn't expecting the Prome Queen situation. Poor Polly.

    1. I wasn't expecting it either. Polly is usually the one gabbing to her friends at school while Stella just does her work.

  2. Tom finished his book! Go Tom!!

    (And then ruins my good opinions of him by playing video games. >.>)

    Jasper is an empowered kid-sim and he don't need nobody to tell him what he can eat for breakfast! >:p

    1. Haha. I want to learn to mod just to change it from FIFA to NHL. Simply because if I have to have a sports game in my house, it's NHL, cause Canadian. ;)

      Jasper likes to push Belle's buttons.

  3. It's so funny that Stella didn't want to go, but then she was named prom queen!

    I feel for Polly, she seems to be unlucky in love. I hope things will work out. Her awkwardness on the phone was so cute though.