Friday, 26 January 2018

1.7 - Summer Holidays

  Since Belle kept getting called into work, it ended up being Tom who had to finish teaching the teenagers to drive. Stellaluna much prefered how easy going her dad was about it. Belle freaked out if she did anything slightly wrong.

  Pollyanna was getting much better with her music. Plus it annoyed her little brother, so there was a bonus there. His ears were too sensitive to the sound of the guitar, so he tended to bug Stella more than Polly.

  The youngest member of the family became a teenager. His wish was to find his mother.

  Though he had no idea how to go about that. So he spent most of his time learning as much as he could about space.

  Stella was suppose to join in, but she threw a temper tantrum and couldn't participate. Jasper was happy to win, though he did feel slightly bad for Polly when she threw up everything she ate.

  Belle spent her time at the festival just skating. None of the teenagers wanted to join her, so it was a peaceful afternoon.

  Tom tried to use their new suntan machine to make himself look like he did leave the house. Unfortunately it didn't work quite the way it was suppose to.

  When Jasper's prom rolled around, he didn't bother dressing up. Though he did manage to win prom king due to guts alone on not dressing up.

  Though most are hard to see, Belle goes to the tattoo parlour every week to get a new tattoo.

  On nights that he couldn't stargaze, Jasper would read all the skill books they owned.

  The twins had a better experience with getting tans.

  They weren't quite as embarrassed to use their new rink at home where no one would see how many times they fell while learning to skate.

  Polly also played games to pass away summer holidays.

  Restoring brain power, much better than sleeping.

  Belle learned enough in science to begin doing experiments.

  Polly decided to try suntanning in the sun instead. She didn't tan.

  Stella learned to cook. She was nice enough to try to make everything vegetarian for her brother.

  "Uh. Don't tell mom."
  "Where did you get a chainsaw?"

A/N: So for those who don't know, Stellaluna is going to be the generation two heir.


  1. I wonder if Jasper will get the chance to meet his mom? That was a cool pic of him restoring brain power, or whatever it's called.

    Lol Tom's tanning fail. Is he green there? O_O

    Oooh, Stella's the heir. I really like her. :D

    1. I probably would have explored that has I decided to make him heir. But since I like having a direct bloodline for my heirs, he was technically never in running to be heir. Maybe in the future, I'll come back to him.
      He is green there. I found it funny that that was the colour the game chose for him.