Thursday, 1 February 2018

1.8 - Happy Ending

  Out of everything she could have made, Stella made a laundry hamper. The teasing she got from Polly lasted days.

  Polly got to go out in the car on her own for the first time ever. A boy asked her out on a date, and since Gary had graduated high school, Polly agreed.

  Aldous Vanderburg-Shawkti looked straight up in the air to see the rain. And refused to move inside for the duration of their date. He told her all about his job as a waiter, and that he was a virgo (compatible with her own sign). Polly yawned her way through talking to him until it was polite of her to ditch him.

  Jasper set up pranks all throughout the house. Tom found them funny. Belle did not. Jasper ended up grounded for a few days.

  Max came over to visit. While Polly was playing her guitar, he asked Stella to dance. Polly thought it was adorable.

  And funny. Max kept stepping on Stella's feet. She forgave him every time though.

  Having been caught in Jasper's pranks a few times, Polly decided that she wanted in on the fun. Plus, she'd overheard her sister talking about getting another tan on the phone to Max.

  Stella was not impressed with being orange. "I look stupid," she complained. Thankfully, she was able to hide inside until the orange tint went away.

  Jasper was determined to master chess. Just once he'd like to beat Belle in a match.

  Polly got a golden record for being the best in her music club.

  "You know I love you, right?"
  "Of course I do."

  "I probably should have done this years ago. But, Belle, will you marry me?"

  Polly knows exactly what to wish for this time.

  And so does Stella.

A/N: And there it is. The end of generation one. Tune in next time for generation two.


  1. I'm guessing the hamper melted? It's a good thing she made a hamper; wouldn't want something really awesome to just melt away. :P

    Aw, Tom proposed, so sweet. :) It's amazing after all this time they weren't married yet. Of course they never needed to, but just waited until the time was right.

  2. I would totally make a never melting hamper and use it!