Thursday, 1 March 2018

2.0 - A New Generation

  Stella got rid of all the furniture that was in the room she shared with Polly. Now though, she had room. She had air to breath without an annoying twin sister to bug her every five minutes.
  Though now she had a boyfriend who would probably do that.

  Someone left the fire burning in the fireplace. Thankfully Jasper was there to put it out.

  Max figured he should start getting ready for his new job. He had, upon graduating, gotten a job at the fire station.

  "I want a lot of kids," Max told her.
  "Then we better get started."

  Stella kept her easel in her room for now, since her parents and brother were still living there. She wanted to have some quiet from all the hustle and bustle of home.

  Max left for his first day on the job.

  Though the place could really use some upgrading, Max was never so proud to be doing something with his life.

  It was a random night that Tom and Belle got married. Spur of the moment when they invited friends and family over for a party.

  They invited Andrew Song, Belle's boss, and his wife Jewel.

  And of course, Pollyanna, who showed up very late. She wouldn't tell her parents why she was late, but confided to Stella that she was pregnant and spent the entire day in her bathroom throwing up.

  Speaking of being pregnant. Mittens gave birth to two kittens, Starburst and Skittles.

  Stella wasn't feeling well so she spent some time just relaxing.

  And of course, did some painting. Though she didn't really have to worry too much about selling her paintings as the family had plenty of money.

  Just before leaving work, Max made sure to introduce himself to everyone who showed up for the afternoon shift.

A/N: I've been on vacation for the past couple weeks, sadly I go back to work on Saturday, and spent pretty much the entire time curled up in bed because of a cold.

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  1. Stella and Max are getting started on kids quickly! Oh, and Polly, too.

    I really love Tom and Belle's wedding. It was so perfect for them.