Thursday, 15 March 2018

2.1 - Babies

  It's after one of Max's more grueling shifts when he pulls Stella out to the backyard. She allows him to pull her outside, enjoying the last bits of warmth.
  "I didn't want to make a fuss or anything, and we'll still need to stop by City Hall. But I wanted to get married to you before winter."

  So they exchange rings and kiss, and jump into Stella's car to head down to City Hall.

  Max doesn't mind when he gets stuck with maintenance the next day at work as he's still just too happy about his recent marriage to Stella. He decided to drop his own last name and take hers. Riddle.

  Stella has a craving for apple pancakes.

  Graduation Day.

  Everyone crowds the door, so Stella stays back. Though she knows that when she walks up, most people will move. People seem to get out of the way (for the most part) of pregnant women's path.

  After the ceremony, Belle introduces herself to Polly's husband, Gary. She confesses that she's a little upset they didn't have a wedding. And she's upset that they didn't tell her about her grandchild.

  Despite Belle being upset, they all still end up at the bistro for a celebration lunch.

  Tom just wanted to remind Belle of how much he loved her.

  Fall, the time of burning leaves. Max took delight in it, imagining some of his co-workers that he didn't like being trapped in the leaf pile.

  And of course they made the trip down to the festival, though they didn't stay very long. As something much more important decided to happen.

  Rem was born first, and dressed in blue. And Kenzo was the younger in red.

  Stella celebrated their birth by making them a painting for their room.

  And Belle had her birthday. In the bathroom. Where no one would see her gain so many wrinkles.

  She crept out of the bathroom and hid in her room.

  And called into work to retire. She wanted to spend time with her grandchildren.

A/N: This baby can be born anytime now. I'm tired of being pregnant. ><

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  1. Twins! They look cute so far. Aw, I hope Belle will get over her self-consciousness.