Thursday, 22 March 2018

2.2 - Changes

  Max spends a lot of time working out. He would at work too, but others like to hog the workout equipment, so he's stuck with the radio at home.

  It doesn't take long for the twins birthday to arrive, for which Stella is happy. It's not that she doesn't like kids, she just doesn't like babies.

  Max wanders over for cake.



  Belle pureed their birthday cake for them to eat. Rem loved it.

  Kenzo just liked making a mess.

  Jasper picked fights with Max all the time. For some reason he hated him. This time the argument was about how Max couldn't afford to take care of his own children if it wasn't for the Riddle's already having money.
  This time though, Jasper took it much too far.

  Stella was trying to play with Kenzo when Jasper lied and told her that Max was cheating on her. In a fury, she stormed outside to confront him.
  "Whatever Jasper said to you, I promise wasn't true, Stel."
  "Why would my brother lie? He has no reason to."
  "Please believe me. I would never do that to you. We've been together since high school, I love you."
  Stella walked back inside. She was getting a headache and did not want to deal with this right now. She decided to talk to her parents about it first.

  Jasper had some other plans though.

  He'd recently come into some pretty neat powers. And he would readily admit that he was not a nice person.

  The crash pulled everyone outside to see what happened.

  Stella didn't suspect Jasper in the least. She was too shocked that Max was hit by the meteor.

  She tried to pass time by teaching the boys to talk. But remaining in the house was too hard.

  So, everyone packed up.

  And Stella had a new house built for them. Belle and Tom were a little upset to be leaving their home, but they wanted to support Stella in anyway they could.

A/N: Well. Jasper did argue with Max anytime they were in the same room. I'm not sure why. And MAx had to go based on the roll. And I am never letting a meteor land on my lot again. I had to replace pretty much everything. That was a pain.


  1. Can aliens really summon meteors in this game? I hate their tinny little voices and horribly thin noses so I never play with them :P.

    That was a great way for someone to go out though, and the toddlers came out really cute! Usually I can't tell one toddler apart from another in TS3, so it's pretty cool that they each have a distinct look already. Max seems pretty cool and possibly a good influence (I have to catch up a bit admittedly), so I think I'm going to miss him here.

  2. Jasper! :O I wonder if Stella will ever suspect him. It does look like a freak accident without knowing about his powers.

    The new house is adorable!